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Hydro Power

Monday, Mar 16, 2015

     Hello, my name is Kyaw Yeah. I am 19 years old, I came from Karen State, and then I came to Grace Garden. I am learning about Sustainability at BGET and Grace Garden. We learned about small scale hydropower, and how to build it. First we learned how to find the place that we wanted to create hydropower. We measured the height to the river, we had to measure it twice. We measured the water using the bucket method. We measured with the bucket method three times and after that was finished we measured with the float the method also three times. This lets us calculate how much hydropower we can have. Using electric wires you then connect this it your village. Be careful do not let the machinery get wet. If it gets wet the machinery might stop working.


    First we measured the head diffrence with trigonometry. We measured the angle and distance then calculaed height (head). Then we need to measure float method again. If you want to have hydropower you can try it. Let's try to do it. These are for the villages, but you can use it everywhere. When you will try to make hydropower if you do not have a waterfall, it will be a hard, but if you have land with a waterfall its so easy to make. After that's finished you will have fun, because you will get electricpower. If you have a large dynometer, you can make enough for every house in your village. When our teacher, Ponchai taught this in class I liked most the parts about hydropower, dynometers and micro-hydro-power. We studied a lot of the words from the hydropower class. We drew the pictures, how to do it and how to make it. I like to learn and study new things. When I heard about hydropower I was very interested. Usually we learn and study at Grace Garden, but this time we went to look at one. This way you will learn quickly. I was very interested to learn about dams and water. We visited a hydropower system for only one house. I like hydropower the most but this was the first time I learned it. When the teacher explained about hydropower I was wanted to see one.



Learning in Class

     Our teacher said if you want to learn the best, you have to study 6 years, to be a hydrological engineer. If you want to be an engineer you can try it. I will try, I think I will make one in my village, because in my village they don't have electricity. I will help them to make it. Before I make it for them I have to teach them and I have to explain to them about how we will get electricpower. When I am finished I will go back and I will try so hard to make one hydropower system. We can use it for years. I will help my community to get electric into the village. Then next generation can use it too! In my village we have a river, but no one knows how to do it. Because I wanted to learn this I came to learn at Grace Garden. In my village when we have electripower, my village people will be happy. I came here to Grace Garden and BGET with the purpose to help my community. They will need hydropower, I will show them about it. Maybe we can try one at Grace Garden when it is rainy season.




My friends said when we looked at this multimeter in the middle of waterfall, “very nice, because we saw and it was amazing”




Also my friend “said they made this hydropower before very interesting, so wonderful, we should try it”


Remember that Everything is possible. You can do anything you want, Everyone can do it, but carefully.!!


Thanks you so much for reading my blog post. I think after you read these you will have fun!! Blessing to everybody.

You are very smart when you know it.

Thank you everyone!!!



Monday, Mar 16, 2015


Hi.... My name is Kyaw Win. I come from H.S.T.K school and now I am studying at Grace Garden  with BGET. We studied about agroforestry. We learned from Kara and Liping, they are two of our teachers at Grace Garden. We learned how to plant. We planted roselle, chili, tomato and pigeon pea. In Grace Garden we studied half the time and we planted half the time. 


This is me planting roselle into the potting mix



We also studied about planting guilds, in planting guilds there are many types: sunflower guild, tomato guild, roselle guild, and chili pepper guild. So we planted every guild in our planting beds. We also studied about planting and how to plant. When we plant, we mix sand, compost, humous, soil and coconut husk together and we plant in this. Also we have to know about the plants because some plant want full sun but some plants do not need sun light so much. So we have to choose the plants that we can grow in Thailand, The plants that need more sunlight. We also planted flowers. We planted sun flowers, marigold and petunias.


Teacher Lipping during class

We also made our planting beds. We have two groups, girls and boys, each with our own planting beds.  Usually when we make our planting beds we make them meter wide and 3 meter long because if we make them too big and too long we can not pick all the food at one time. We have to be able to go around all the way so me make them that size.


We also studied about food forests, also called forest gardens. In a food forest you can plant so many kinds of trees, and they also plant the small things like carrots, beans, okra, eggplant and many other small things and big things. Why do they call it a food forest? Because they don't plant in lines and with many kinds of trees. It will look kind of like a regular forest. 


We have tomato that is starting to fruit and we have a lot of marigold near our teacher's house. Some of tomato is almost ready to eat. Some plants we plant from seeds but some we plant as small trees and some plant we plant in a stem. The plants that we planted with a stem are mango, moringa and some other plants. The plants that we planted from seed are roselle, pigeon pea, and chili. We also plant some trees so that we can eat the fruit.


Some of the other students working in out nursery

We have a lot of plants in Grace Garden and many trees but we cannot eat their fruit yet, because they are small. Now we can eat papaya, banana and roselle. Our teacher taught us to make roselle and banana jam.  We ate it with pancakes, I liked that a lot because I like to eat pancakes and I will eat more again next week.


I liked the class, we learned how to plant and then we planted. It's better to learn in the class first and then go to work. In my future I will go back to my school or to my village and I will grow food and I will make a food forest in the garden. It's been fun. Thanks for reading!       

IVS Visited Grace Garden

Sunday, Mar 01, 2015

Hello! My name is Smile. I came from HSTK school. Now I will tell you about my lovely friends from America. On 6.2.2015, Institute for village studies (IVS) students came to Grace Garden. They were 11 students and 2 teachers. They came to study about Karen people and Karen culture. Also they came to  help Grace Garden .They were from an America university in Washington:Western Washington University.


On that day we did some welcome thing and introduced ourselves. Then we played some games with them. After that we ate lunch together. First we don't know each other a lot so we don't talk a lot because we were scared and shy. After we finished lunch we explained to them about our Grace Garden Sustainable Development Training Program and we also explained to them about sustainability at  Grace Garden. Then we divided  them into 3 groups. The names were Branch Out, Kitty Cat Club and Spicy Nuggets. I am in Branch Out group. In the group they worked hard and they were very helpful for us. It was so fun when we worked and cooked together. They were pretty good at cooking. They do their best. Then we showed them our tools in Grace Garden. Hopefully they will do the things that they saw in Grace Garden at their own country. I also hope everyone will do like Grace Garden because it is sustainable.


On Saturday we climbed Love Mountain to the Pagoda. On the way  back we cut some bamboo to make baskets. Each person had to carry one bamboo. They did a very great job cutting and carrying the bamboo. I knew that some of them will get tired because I get tired a lot. Then we went to swim at the river with them. At the river they tried to get on the wood like a boat but it did not work.  At 8:15 we watched movie together. That was a good magic movie. At movie time I fell asleep because I was so tired.


Love Mountain

When we climbed Love Mountain with IVS.


On Sunday we made some roselle and banana jam. It was delicious. After that we went to church with our teachers and two of them. Then we went to visit Grace Bording School. It was so much fun because we played a lot of games with the children. The children were very happy when we played games with them. They have a good heart and they all are beautiful. Grace Boarding cooked a special dinner for us. One of my friend said “Today is wonderful day and dinner is so good”.


At night we made a bonfire. We grilled the sausages. Some sang songs,some  played guitar, and some talked.


On Monday we started our class. We, the Grace Garden students, taught them about chickens, the healthy soil cycle, EM (effective microorganisms) and how to plant banana trees. We also did practical things  together; we  made chicken baskets, we caught EM, and planted some banana trees. At the end of the class we asked some questions and we gave them Burmese candy for answering correctly. But there was  not enough candy because they are so clever, they remember all of the thing that we taught. Some time we forget thing but they still remember. In the afternoon  we started class again, and we did the lesson  called sustainable stalker. The sustainable stalker is like we need to observe a person and the next day we need to tell the good thing about them. Then Grace Garden boys taught IVS about how to play cane ball.


On Tuesday we learned about adobe building taught by teacher Salinee. First we cleared the ground to make adobe brick on the ground, we carried some rocks and we finished the adobe tool room. We played with adobe mud and we got so dirty.  At night we meet together and we played games. We played slap game that game is new game for me and I really like that. That game is so hard to look at other people's hands.



Slap Game

We were having game party at night. That game is called Slap Game!


On the next day we taught them Karen dance and they taught us America dance. When we taught them Karen dance they can follow really well.  America have many type of dance but all are different than Karen dance. I like the song that they dance like ghosts.


Then we worked the 3 stations again. In the afternoon we learned more about the cultures of the Karen and Americans. It was very different between those two cultures. At night  TTC(Teacher Training Collage) came to Grace Garden and we had a big celebration together. We played some games, sang  songs,  danced and ate snacks. We all tried to learn everyones name and  communicate with them. I was so happy because many people were at Grace Garden and we did fun stuff. TTC students are very good at singing so they sang 2 beautiful songs for us. Our Grace Garden students also have to sing but we were not prepared the song yet so when we sing we have some trouble. 


On Thursday morning we worked again. In the afternoon we heard about adobe from Gyaw Gyaw. That organization built the adobe building in Grace Garden. We asked them many questions about this adobe building. She explained everything to us. I am thankful that they came and told us more about adobe building. After we finished class we went to Blessed Home and we asked them questions so IVS will know more about Karen people. Blessed Home is near by the river so we went to swim with some of Blessed Home children. We all have a good time at  the river.  At night we make pancake party and we eat with honey and roselle jam. Then we have game night where we played the spoon game. The game was scary because we need to take the spoon for our life. If you do not get, you lose so every one fight for it. It was so fun even though some part of my hand was bleeding.


On Friday we morning we have a small class. That class asked  about how much they understand  everything the had learned, what is favorite thing in this week, and other questions about this week. At 9:30 we have to say “Bye Bye” to them but we don't want to say that. Then they went back to Mae Sot to travel to Burma country.


Silly Group Photo

On the last day with them.


All the way through this week we have a lot of happiness and joy. My favorite thing in this week is we went to play games with Grace Bording School because I  learned many new games. Also this week we got to know more about  their culture and share about  our culture. Also we did many things in Grace Garden with their help. We thank them so much for helping us, playing games with us,and being friends with us.


Thank you for reading!

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