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Our local staff is a team of diverse & talented individuals dedicated to renewable energy & sustainability.


Salinee Tavaranan


Salinee was born in Thailand and grew up in Phuket. Salinee completed a masters in Solar Engineering at the University of Massachusetts in 2003, she moved back to Thailand in August 2005 to work with renewable energy issues in her homeland.

Contact Salinee Tavaranan at salinee@bget.org

Saw Pra Pra

Community Liaison

Saw Pra Pra (Kyaw Pwa) was born in Karen State, Burma. He joined BGET in 2011.  He stays full time at Grace Garden and stays at night on the land. He is the one who knows the most about local situations and behaviors. Pra Pra likes talking to a lot of people and is happy to make new friends. He also likes cooking and preparing meals for his friends who work together with him at Grace Garden.  Pra Pra can speak Karen, Burmese and a little bit of English.


Kara Bennett

Project Manager

Kara joined BGET in October 2012.  She holds a BS in Biomechanical Engineering and a MS is Energy Resources Engineering both from Stanford University. She has dabbled in the energy industry in various capacities from engineer to economist to consultant. She is excited to help out at the Grace Garden working the land and teaching.  She particularly loves learning Karen and Thai, playing volleyball with the children at Blessed Home, and attacking the weeds with a machete, though not all at the same time.

Contact Kara Bennett at kara@bget.org
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Border Green Energy Team

P.O.Box 66
Mae Sot, Tak 63110 Thailand

Office: (66) 55-534-464