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We rely on many talented volunteers from all over the world to complete our work.

   If you're interested in volunteering with BGET, learn more here.


Liping Toh

Grace Garden Instructor

Liping joined BGET in October 2014. She is from Singapore where she earned her Architecture degree, following which she received her two masters in Urban Planning and in Urban Design from the University of Melbourne. Her interest in developmental work and her concern for ethical food production brought here to Shanghai to implement biodynamic farms. She is very happy to apply her knowledge and experience from the commercial outfits to Grace Garden and the underprivileged communities reached by BGET.

Contact Liping Toh at liping@bget.org

Colin Able

Grace Garden Instructor

Colin Able joined BGET in October 2014, he is a Professional Civil Engineer and Urban Planner. Although his work history has focused on Site Design and Water and Sanitation, his real interest lies in the ever growing field of Sustainability. He has partnered with BGET and Grace Garden to be able to work in and explore this field. At Grace Garden, he focuses on Green Building, Appropriate Technologies and Green Energy. Colin hopes that through teaching these concepts future generations, on both sides of the border, will be able to lead more productive and cleaner lives.

Contact Colin Able at colin@bget.org

Przemyslaw Garbaczewski

Past Manager, Business & Finance

Przemyslaw joined BGET in January 2013. He holds a BA in economics and a BS in business administration with dual concentrations in finance and international business from the University at Buffalo in New York State, where he graduated summa cum laude. He worked as a fixed income sales-trader for Morgan Stanley on Wall Street for three years, then left to pursue a graduate degree. Before his studies begin, however, Przemyslaw wants to volunteer for a worthwhile cause. Originally from Poland, he has studied and worked in the U.S., Asia and Europe and brings a rich international background to BGET as a manager for business and finance. In his free time, Przemyslaw enjoys learning languages, swimming and horseback riding. He also follows international affairs with great interest and is excited to be in Thailand to help support the work of our Foundation.

Contact Przemyslaw Garbaczewski at pwg@bget.org
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Nicholas Powers

Past Agroforestry Volunteer

Nick joined BGET in November 2012. He graduated from Linfield College, Oregon, in 2010 with a BA in Environmental Studies; policy focus. He spent two years working for the State of Washington Department of Ecology as a forest technician and Washington Conservation Corps supervisor. Originally, from Nebraska, he has experience working for the Forestry Service as a ReTree Nebraska Ambassador and Nebraska Parks and Recreation doing environmental restoration. Currently he is focused on agroforestry/sustainable agriculture in southeast Asia and permaculture.

Contact Nicholas Powers at nick@bget.org

Andrea Skinner

Past Strategic Analyst

Andrea joined BGET in June 2012 after graduating from Columbia University's Masters of Public Administration program where she specialized in Environmental Science and Policy.  Her diverse background of experiences range from supporting environmental nonprofits through her work at the largest US fiscal sponsor, Tides Center, working on strategic planning for an international advertising firm, leading a internship exchange program, and consulting for start up nonprofits and social ventures.   Andrea will be helping BGET develop economic structures for renewable energy projects and assist with transitioning the organization to a social enterprise.  She is an adventurette who enjoys hiking, coffee, and having a holistic approach to life. 

Contact Andrea Skinner at Andrea@bget.org

Alena Kuczynski

Past Agroforestry/Permaculture Volunteer & MAP Fellow

Alena joined BGET in May 2012. She holds a BS from Stanford University in Science, Technology, & Society (STS), and has worked in a variety of settings to promote renewable energy and sustainability projects, ranging from estuarine recovery with the River Project to green energy legislation research with the New York League of Conservation Voters. Stationed in Noh Bo, she is enjoying contributing her energy to the continued development of the Grace Garden, acquainting herself with Thailand's rainy season and getting her hands dirty on the land.


Jodi Sugden

Past Volunteer - Scotland

Jodi joined BGET in September 2011. She is very excited help with the design of the water harvesting earthworks and food forest for the BGET Grace Garden project. She has an odd assortment of qualifications including a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Middlesex and Beijing Universities, and a Postgraduate diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. She has spent the last year and a half studying and living permaculture and natural building in Nicaragua, Ireland, Scotland, and Thailand.  Jodi firmly believes that permaculture and sustainable rural development are one and the same thing. She loves to sing, dance, and run around at football on Fridays.

Contact Jodi Sugden at jodi@bget.org

Sam Shrank

Past Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Sam joined BGET in September 2009. Sam grew up in New York City and graduated from Stanford University in 2009 with a Masters in Environmental Engineering. He is working with BGET on cost and revenue projections for future projects and is excited to work in the field as well. In his spare time he loves to play ultimate frisbee and other sports.

Contact Sam Shrank at samshrank@gmail.com

Sejin Yang

Past Volunteer - South Korea

Sejin Yang joined BGET in May 2009. Sejin is completing the graduate coursework in environmental studies in Seoul and came to Thailand to get hand-on experience. She is helping BGET set up social impact research on rural electrification with independent RE systems. Believing that life is full of surprise, decided to flow with the stream of life. Learning to be simple through everyday life in Thailand!

Contact Sejin Yang at ms.sejin.yang@gmail.com

Maximillian DeMent

Past Volunteer - USA

Prior to joining BGET in January 2010, Maximillian was living and working at the Solar Living Institute in Northern California where he learned about renewable energy, sustainable living and permaculture. He has been working with BGET to redevelop their website and create an online knowledge base for their technical information. In addition to creating flashy new logos for BGET, Max also enjoys befriending local noodle ladies while admiring their stylish caps! 

Contact Maximillian DeMent at maxdement@gmail.com

Stony Oswald

Past Volunteer & Appropriate Technologist - USA

Joined BGET in January 2009. Stony comes to BGET from the Appalachian Mountains. When not thinking about appropriate technology solutions for rural communities, you can find him biking amidst the rice fields or practicing contra dance calling in Thai to the mosquitoes at dusk. Stony also served as a staff Appropriate Technologist & Project Manager for BGET in 2010. 

Contact Stony Oswald at stony76@gmail.com

Christina Liebner

Past Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Christina Liebner joined BGET in September 2008. Christina is sometimes nostalgic for the free museums and springtime cherry blossoms of her hometown in Washington, DC, but more often longs for the bitter cold waves and perfect sunshine of Bay Area, California, where she spent the past six years going to school. Degreed in mechanical engineering and civil engineering, she's looking forward to troubleshooting micro-hydro systems in the field, modeling systems performance, learning more about three-phase power generation and transmission, and whatever else needs to be done.

Contact Christina Liebner at christina.liebner@gmail.com

Megan Kerins

Past Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Megan Kerins joined BGET in September 2008. Megan is a graduate student in Civil Engineering at Stanford University. Her mission in life is to become a renewable energy guru, certainly a life-long pursuit. When she's not designing micro hydropower systems or eating delicious pad thai, you can find her dancing, writing poetry, or learning songs on a small-sized travel guitar. She's very excited about working with BGET!

Contact Megan Kerins at megan.kerins@gmail.com

Joshua Sisson

Past Volunteer - USA

Joshua Sisson joined BGET in August 2008. Joshua is from Rhode Island and graduated from University of Rhode Island in 2005 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After working two and a half years in the consumer electronics industry, Josh left his job in Framingham, Massachusetts in July 2008 to work on renewable energy projects in Thailand.

Contact Joshua Sisson at joshsisson@gmail.com

Bruce Gardiner

Past Volunteer - USA

Bruce Gardiner joined BGET in February of 2008. Originally from Scotland, but now living in California, Bruce is a retired solar/electrical contractor, who is now starting a new career teaching photovoltaics in California and around the world.


Jennifer Tracy

Past Volunteer - USA

Jennifer Tracy joined BGET in September 2007. She is heading up the new agricultural project: ram pump irrigation, solar powered aquaponics, and "black gold"production....compost!

Contact Jennifer Tracy at jleetracy@gmail.com

Ian Petrich

Past Volunteer - USA

Ian Petrich joined BGET in March of 2007. He's helping to streamline renewable energy trainings and quickly expanding his vocabulary of Thai foods so he can eat more than fried rice at all the local chow spots that lack menus.

Contact Ian Petrich at ianpetrich@yahoo.com

Adrian Armorer

Past Volunteer - Canada

Adrian Armorer joined BGET in January 2007. Recently dubbed "Saw Billy" by a group of Engineering Students from Mae La refugee camp, Mr. Armorer wears many hats. He is Canadian, an engineer, a hockey fan, world traveller, and producer of his own electricity to name a few. Only in meeting him can you decide which is most important to him. Go Sens!

Contact Adrian Armorer at adrian.armorer@gmail.com

Arie Jongejan

Past Volunteer - USA

Arie Jongejan joined BGET in August 2006. Arie (along with Angie) heads up the Refugee Camp Hybrid Project. Read up on project and his volunteer experience, check out Arie's Volunteer Blog!

Contact Arie Jongejan at ariejemail@yahoo.com

Angie Beier

Past Volunteer - USA

Angie Beier joined BGET in August 2006. Angie (along with Arie) heads up the Refugee Camp Hybrid Project. Read up on the project and her volunteer experience at Angie's Volunteer Blog!

Contact Angie Beier at angiebeier@hotmail.com


Past Volunteer - UK

James (UK) joined BGET in November 2006. Keeping pescatarian in a den of meat eaters has never been so challenging.

Contact James at jamesbget@gmail.com

Danny Lenain

Past Volunteer - UK

Danny Lenain joined BGET in September 2006. Flying the flag for the real speakers of English! Had a great time so come on European volunteers!


Doug Hollinger

Past Volunteer - USA

Doug joined BGET in July 2006. He helped to build and test the first ram pump in Mae Sod (that we know of), wrote the "Using renewable energy in the Tak province" user manual, and helped to teach the solar and ram water pumping training in Mae La Refugee Camp.

Contact Doug Hollinger at hollinger@pavilion.k12.ny.us

Yi-Chao Chou

Past Volunteer - Taiwan

Yi-Chao Chou joined BGET in May 2006. Continues to donate his time maintaining the Chinese language version of the BGET page. He also still shows up in Mae Sod from time to time... hmmm... I wonder why?

Contact Yi-Chao Chou at yichao.chou@gmail.com
andrew l

Andrew Lynch

Past Volunteer - USA

Andrew Lynch joined BGET in April 2006.

Contact Andrew Lynch at andrewleelynch@gmail.com

Fredrik Bjarnegård

Past Volunteer - Sweden

Fredrik Bjarnegård joined BGET in February 2006. He's Swedish. Nuff said.

Contact Fredrik Bjarnegård at fredrik.bjarnegard@comhem.se

Stephen Brink

Past Volunteer - USA

Stephen Brink joined BGET in February 2006. A.k.a. Sola-Controlla.


Andrew Pascale

Past Volunteer - USA

Andrew joined BGET from the very start in August 2005. He approached oneness with "Phat Krapow Gai" - Fried Chilis, Basil, and Chicken over rice following 6 months of daily workout sessions. He also learned to wear a Longyi with pride - and without inadvertently flashing the horrified local folks. Has since gotten too fat to wear the old one properly.


Antonia Sohns

Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Antonia joined BGET in September 2011.  Before joining BGET, she completed an MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management at Oxford in September 2011, after graduating from Stanford in June 2010 with a BS in Earth Systems. She became interested in water and sanitation through her studies of oceanography and climate change, and through her work experience in Guatemala, Botswana and with the NRDC in Washington D.C. Antonia is very excited to work in Thailand with the Border Green Energy Team on renewable energy projects, clean water initiatives and sustainable farming with the Thai and Burmese communities. When Antonia is not studying, you can find her in the mountains, backpacking or wandering with a stream.

Contact Antonia Sohns at antonia@bget.org

Patricia McHale

Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Patricia joined BGET in September 2011. Before graduating in 2009, Patricia attended Stanford on a NSF Fellowship where she earned two masters degrees: one in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Energy/Atmosphere and one in Mechanical Engineering. For the past two years, Patricia has been working as a mechanical engineer at Speck Design, a design consulting company in Palo Alto. Although she has enjoyed her coworkers and the project variety at Speck, Patricia is excited travel to Thailand and have the opportunity to use her engineering skills to make a difference in peoples’ lives. In her free time, Patricia enjoys playing outside; she adamantly maintains that bunjee jumping is scarier than skydiving and clowns trump both.

Contact Patricia McHale at patricia@bget.org

Aimee Porteners

Volunteer - New Zealand

Aimee joined BGET in June 2011. She is currently loving her stay at the Noh Bo orphanage teaching and playing football in the evenings. Aimee is a Design Engineer / Entrepreneur studying towards a masters in Energy Management with a passion for appropriate technology and sustainable design. Aimee enjoys tinkering with renewable energy technologies made from locally sourced materials such as: solar fridges, solar hot water heaters, and small-scale wind turbines.  She believes in transferring knowledge to local people by writing manuals, and also helps BGET with grant reporting. An adventurous kiwi, she loves sports, photography and eating prawns.

Contact Aimee Porteners at aimee@bget.org

Mike Porteners

Volunteer - New Zealand

Mike joined BGET in June 2011. He loves playing guitar, football, and rugby. Mike is known in New Zealand for his big laugh and his one party trick: handstands. He is a builder carpenter here in Thailand with his wife, Aimee.  He is helping build a sustainable living and learning centre in Noh Bo starting with rainwater collection, composting toilets, and planting a food forest.  Mike is excited to get his "Yam Hands" aka "Green Fingers" into creating something brilliant for Noh Bo.

Contact Mike Porteners at mike@bget.org
Annalise photo

Annalise Blum

Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Annalise Blum joined BGET in January 2011.  She is originally from Berkeley, California but has also lived in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nepal and Tanzania.  After studying environmental engineering at Stanford University, she spent the fall living in Nairobi, Kenya researching hand hygiene in primary schools.  She is helping BGET with grant and manual writing, as well as survey development for the migrant schools and solar homes program.  She loves water in all forms--rivers, lakes, oceans and popsicles.

Contact Annalise Blum at annalise@bget.org
Visrin Photo

Visrin Vichit-Vadakan

Volunteer & MAP Fellow - USA

Visrin joined BGET in January 2011. She loves hiking in the mountains and day dream about new places to explore. Growing up in Bangkok, Visrin is excited to be back this year to work with BGET on community-based renewable energy projects and finally getting her hands dirty after spending 5 years in the Bay Area. She recently graduated from Stanford University majoring in Earth Systems, an interdisciplinary program in environmental science and engineering.  She's excited about helping out where ever she is needed! 

Contact Visrin Vichit-Vadakan at visrin@bget.org
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